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24-Hour Spa in Singapore Your Getaway Anytime

24-Hour Spa in Singapore Your Getaway Anytime

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Life is a game, and we all play hard all day, every day. No matter what line of work we’re in, we often find ourselves pushing ourselves to the limit, even before the sun comes up and way past closing time.

It’s easy for the days and weeks to just slip by in this manner, and no one can deny how the rat race takes a toll on our well-being. Yet, it’s often difficult to find time to unwind. When we do manage to get a few precious hours off, most places are closed and hardly anyone else is up and about, let alone willing to help you recover your zen.


Thank Goodness for g. spa.

See, we believe that hardworking people like you deserve to be given a chance to relax, regardless of the time you want to. We understand that not everyone’s schedule runs on regular lines, and with the first and largest 24 hours spa in Singapore, we’re always ready to help you get ready for your next hardworking stretch.

A 24 hour spa is designed with busy people like you in mind, and as such have become a popular part of the wellness industry as a whole. Airports and hotels recognise the need to recover from fatigue at any time of the day, and we apply the same principle for active, long-haul travellers to hardworking professionals like you.


A Sound Body for a Sound Mind

With physical relaxation often comes mental release when stress makes you feel like you’re wound up tight, almost to breaking point, the selections on our spa menu will help you to unwind.

Our Signature Treatments are those you would come to expect from the Best spa Singapore has to offer. They include reflexology, body scrubs, body wraps, facials and massages given only by certified and highly experienced therapists using European spa grade products, to help relax every single part of you.

Choose from a wide variety of treatment packages that include deep tissue therapy, aromatic massages and natural healing. We likewise have a customised treatment for golfers that target injury-prone areas such as wrists and shoulders, and a twin-therapist, synchronised massage specially designed for executives on the go.

With facial treatments that come with anti-ageing, deep cleansing and detoxifying benefits, you’ll come away looking fully refreshed with a fresh, new look. We also offer services such as manicures, waxing, and enhancements for the eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes up to 9PM perfect for people on-the-go who don’t always have the time to travel to different locations for all their beauty needs.

For those who prefer more traditional, personalised service, our Chinese Meridian Therapy uses special Chinese herbal oil, and is tailor-fit to your individual meridian points to bring you relief right where it hurts. We also offer therapeutic cupping and gua sha treatments which help to stimulate blood flow and facilitate healing.

And for hardworking couples whose hectic schedules barely leave them any together time, our Couples Spa Treatment gives you a chance to both relax and renew your relationship. We address each of your individual needs, even as we provide you with range of services which include a 90-minute massage and the use of amenities such as a lounge and a jacuzzi.


Relaxation Anytime for Everyone

As many of us work together in teams, g. spa also offers the perfect Retreats for group relaxation. Get to know each other away from the workplace in large, luxurious spaces specially designed to help you leave your worries behind. You’ll be able to enjoy custom treatments that will help you return to work refreshed and ready for more.

Being part of a premium Spa in Singapore, our Retreats also provide relaxing alternatives to venues where noisy, enervating birthday parties and other social functions are usually held. And as we are not held to regular operating hours, you can schedule your chillaxing group celebrations at a time that’s convenient to you.


24-Hour Havens

Finish work at 2AM? Or fresh from an all-nighter? As a late night spa Singapore looks to for its round-the-clock relaxation needs, g. spa understands that your regular day at the office isn’t like most people’s. This is why we keep our Facilities ready to receive you at any time of day or night.

Forget about demanding clients and impossible deadlines in our sauna and steam rooms, or soak away the day’s stress in our hot and cold pools—the ideal complements for your spa treatments.

You are most welcome to stretch out for a much-needed nap in our relaxation lounge, to give you the natural energy boost you need to make it through the next 24 hours. Should those hours include your next meeting, we invite you to segue into one of our private VIP rooms, which come complete with business amenities such as Wi-Fi and big-screen TV. 

For more serious conferences where everyone might not be available during the normal 9 to 5, our 500 square-foot seminar room is standing by to host your meeting with ease.


Happy Times with A Happy Tummy

We are also well-aware that keeping irregular hours usually means a midnight snack, and then some. And while a spa isn’t anyone’s top-of-mind when it comes to satisfying a rumbly tummy, g. spa offers a delightful, buffet-style menu that keep our guests going for seconds. Every week, we offer a new, scrumptious selection of entrees, which includes the likes of Singapore seafood laksa, gong bao chicken, pan seared salmon and our signature g. spa Hainanese chicken rice.

Enjoy your lunch or dinner until a quarter-past ten in a dining area that transports you momentarily from the spa to a Michelin-star-style setting. We’ll be happy to serve you a luscious light snack at any hour on the clock.


However jampacked your schedule is or how heavy your workload becomes, you know you have an oasis on Guillermard Road waiting just for you. Get in touch with us at g. spa now to find out how you can get your own 24-hour getaway today.


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