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5 Awesome Corporate Retreat Ideas in Singapore

5 Awesome Corporate Retreat Ideas in Singapore


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It is true. Long working hours, tight deadlines, and never-ending demands can make you feel drained and overwhelmed. A good amount of stress can help you remain focused. However, when stress exceeds your ability to cope, it starts causing damage to your mind and body – directly affecting your job performance.

Based on a survey done by The American Institute of Stress, 80% of workers feel stressed on the job and 25% have felt like screaming or shouting due to job stress. Taking time off from the stressful atmosphere of the workplace can actually increase productivity, that’s why companies often book corporate retreats to help their employees re-ignite their passion for their job.

When was the last time you had your corporate retreat? You are probably thinking about seminars, employee involvement conferences, and motivational speakers. But those are traditional company retreats. In this digital era, businesses have spiced up their retreats to make it more inspirational, enjoyable, and memorable for every participant. Before your co-workers start to lose their senses, send them to one of these enjoyable, uplifting, and affordable, corporate retreat ideas:

Pool party

Take your employees out of the office for a weekend and wash off all the stresses. A pool party is a perfect bash for all ages. Bring the crowd to an indoor or outdoor pool for some water games, good food, and a relaxing time hanging out with co-workers. Keep the atmosphere light, low-key, and breezy so that even the shyest person can have the time of his or her life.

Pool parties are not dinner parties so people won’t be expecting a 7-course meal, but an abundance of refreshments is necessary. Finger foods are always a good option because there won’t be any dirty dishes to attend to after the party. It would also be wise to keep alcohol to a minimum to keep things light instead of rowdy. Choose water games that allow everybody to mingle. This strengthens employee relationship and opens communication.

Furthermore, swimming is a good form of exercise. It improves cardiovascular fitness and provides a full body workout. The added effect of water splattering over the body creates a massaging sensation, and it is great for stress relief.

Ready, set fitness

Improve productivity through health and wellness cognizance. The American Heart Association (AHA) suggested at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous activity. However, researchers revealed that nearly 80% of adults do not get enough exercise each week, potentially putting themselves at risk for health problems that could persist for years.

For your next retreat, book a gym or rent a portion of a leisure park. If budget allows, lease a place for the company’s exclusive use. Create team building activities (e.g. workout session, yoga class, amazing race) that can lift up everybody’s mood while sweating out their mental or emotional strains from work. Serve healthy meals, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and detoxifying drinks. These promote wellness and a balanced diet.

A good time for such a retreat is after the annual busy period. Taking them away from a stressful work environment will give them a chance to decompress and re-energize. Choose a retreat that promotes health awareness and encourages employees to stay in shape. Physically fit and active employees are less likely to take sick leaves and bring a more positive attitude to the workplace.

Weekend dine out and karaoke

Employees who return from corporate retreats are refreshed and better focused on their jobs. But sometimes, it’s difficult for companies to schedule a full-day retreat, so a mini-retreat of sorts can be an option as well.

Weekend team dining and karaoke is a great option. Invite everyone for a night (or a day) of sumptuous dining, music, and singing and dancing. This is also a perfect chance to unleash some hidden talents. Who knows you may discover that Laura from SEO can belt out a good Whitney Houston classic or David from accounting could probably unleash his inner Michael Jackson.

Employees bond better in a cozy and fun environment. This is also a good way to get to know a person, identify his or her personal interest, and build a better professional relationship. After all, the success of the business does not lie with one individual but with the team.

Team travel and tour

A corporate retreat can help shake up the status quo and keep creative juices flowing in the workplace. Taking everyone for a countryside tour also makes for an awesome company getaway. Hire a travel and tours service so all you have left to do is just enjoy your time.

Whether it’s a food tour or historical tour, travel allows people to explore new places, things, and experiences. It’s a time to clear one’s head, unpack volumes of information, and get a clearer perspective on the issues at hand. When everyone’s at ease, it’s a good opportunity to introduce new company goals, initiate valuable objectives and foster closeness among employees.

When they return to work, you can expect that their stress levels will be lower, which means they will have the energy to work as hard as necessary so not to sacrifice quality.

Spa Getaway

The best retreats can make a huge difference in the way your team performs in the long-term. It allows them to step back from the office cliche, rediscover their passion for their job, and self-evaluate their work. A corporate retreat isn’t a new idea but it’s such an obvious win-win situation in terms of health, morale, and productivity. It deserves to be placed on the calendar.

When employees feel relaxed, they communicate better, both with their bosses and each other. It becomes easier to encourage employees to work toward a shared goal or set up new goals. It also improves social interaction especially to those who barely talk inside the office.

Therefore, cajole creativity and increase work productivity by rejuvenating yourselves with a custom retreat package at g.spa. Our retreat facility is designed with VIP rooms and a 500 square feet space for a quiet and comfortable business meetings or brainstorming sessions. Level up your team bonding by indulging into our state-of-the-art spa therapies from facial, full body massage, reflexology, to foot care.

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Our corporate packages center on body and mind rejuvenation to help root out all the stress from office work as a result of long hours of sitting at a desk. Our sophisticated massages and reflexology don’t just wipe out the effects of stress but also clear blockages in the body.

We have a number of pre-designed corporate packages available, but you can also arrange a custom retreat to suit your company’s needs. Rest assured that our amenities are suitable for your team training or seminar by providing you with ultimate relaxation and corporate dining catered by our free-flowing dining.

At g.spa corporate retreat, everyone will head back to the workplace with renewed energy and refreshed outlook which transforms into livelier and more productive employees. Contact us to find out more about our corporate retreat packages.