5 Things to do near Geylang

5 Things to do near Geylang

5 Things to do near Geylang

Geylang might always be mistaken for Singapores red light district night life. Beyond that, Geylang is a hidden gem often neglected by tourists and locals. Within this sophisticated area that is cultural melting pot where many great foods are found.

  1. Eat to your hearts content

When in geylang, do what geylang people.. Eat! From frog leg porridge, Mala steamboat, zi char and dim sum. Geylang is a food paradise that is buzzing with life after the sun sets.


  1. Geylang Serai Market

Learn more about our Malay culture and their traditional food and fashion when you take a walk down to Geylang Serai Market. During the Ramadan season, many make shift stalls will be set up to cater for the Malay community as well as locals to seek some food adventure.


  1. Come taste the King of fruit

If you are a durian lover then Geylang is the place to savor your craving for this seasonal fruit. Eat some durians with your friends by the road and watches the night goes by.


  1. Take some photos

For those who wish to keep some memories of our Singapore culture, Geylang is the right place to be. Many shop houses there have a sense of nostalgia as they were built during the early days when Singapore was blooming.


  1. Take a break at g.spa

Make this your last stop at Geylang! When youve completed all the walks and talks about Geylang, be sure to head down to 102 Guillemard Road and soak up your tired legs at g.spa.

For a mere $68, it entitles you to enjoy facilities such as hot pool, cold pool, steam bath, sauna, relaxation lounge, ala carte food and beverages throughout the day for 24 hours. If thats not enough, you can also take up their main treatment like Gateway to Vitality 60mins body massage for only $155 and is inclusive of Spa Admission.