The 6 things to do on a weekend night

The 6 things to do on a weekend night

The 6 things to do on a weekend night

Cosmic Bowling

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If you have heard of Cosmic Bowling, it is one of the latest craze for the love of bowling. An array of neon strobe lights and mysterious blue lighting, this bowling alley will make you feel as though you’re partying in a club.

Afraid you cant see the ball? Fret not, the Glow-in-the-dark bowling balls are also available so you can see them hurtling down the lanes like shooting stars in the night sky.

Apart from their awesome display of lights, this bowling alley also boasts some high-tech machines with built-in selfie cameras for you to snap some selfies with your crew. They even have themed music nights, including Mandopop and K-pop cosmic nights while you aim for the turkey.

Club Hopping

One of the most adventurous things to do on a Weekend night is to go Club hopping. The night scene in Singapore has been ever colorful since the 90s and the number of club has emerged more over the years. Each club would have their resident DJ or guest DJ playing on the night so be sure to check out for any of your favorites. Walk down the different pubs along Boat Quay and Clarke Quay to find the best deal – 1 for 1 drinks and house pour.

Soak in to the wonderful music of your preference as you unwind and celebrate your weekend to the fullest. If music is not your choice, sit by the Singapore River and have a drink with your friends to rekindle the old time sake. Some clubs have pretty nice finger food for you to go with your drink.

Just remember not to drive if you intend to have some alcohol.

Singing KTV

If you have a big group of friends but not so keen on alcohol then going to KTV is one of the best option to spend the night. From rooms for 2-3pax to a huge lounge for than 20pax, you can be sure the group is well entertain crooning to the latest Mandopop/pop songs readily available.

Many people regards singing as one of the best form to de-stress as you can freely express your feelings through your vocals.

Some KTVs even have pool table inside their rooms for those who are waiting for their turns.

Worried that you will be hungry?

Well most KTVs do have food so you can be sure you are well fed throughout the night.

Late night movies

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For the slightly less adventurous folks, late night movies are a great option. Singapore has many cinemas which have midnight sessions showing the latest movies available. There will be popular movies which had just released so be sure to book your seats early to avoid disappointment.

Ladies might want to bring a cardigan or jacket as it can get real cold in the theatre and you wouldnt want to keep running to the washroom and missing the most exciting part of the scenes.

Watching a late-night movie can be a problem as you try to keep yourself awake whilst the show is dull.

Supper hunt

If you are driving and you are a gourmet / foodie for local food then Singapore is the right place to have your supper hunt. Singapore is known to be a food heaven and we have many places with free flow of food throughout the day.

Supper hunt has always been one of the fun things to do at night where you scout around the island for delicious BBQ Sting rays, Satay, Roti Prata, porridge and many other dishes.

From extreme east of Singapore, you can scout from Changi Village to the Chomp Chompmarket.

Locate a spot, order various types of food and share among friends for a wonderful night out.

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