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Where rejuvenation meets productivity

Cajole creativity and increase work productivity by rejuvenating yourselves with a custom retreat package at Adorned with VIP rooms and a 500sqft Seminar room, has the perfect space for business meetings and brainstorming sessions. Once all the hard work has been done, our luxury facilities and services offer you the opportunity to indulge in some self-care and team bonding with state of the art spa therapies which are designed to rejuvenate both the body and the mind.

Our corporate packages are designed to help mitigate the stress of office work and the physical toll taken as a result of sitting at a desk five days a week. Things like massages and reflexology can work wonders to undo the effects of stress and clear blockages in the body. At our retreat, you’ll have the chance to take care of business or team training in atmospheric surrounds and then unwind with treatments which have been custom selected to suit the needs of you and your team. Our corporate retreats can be fully catered and our seminar room is fitted out with seating as well as all the amenities necessary for a day of business presentations or training.

After spending time at one of our corporate retreats, you’ll be able to return to the fast paced world of the office with newfound perspective and drive. We have a number of pre-designed corporate packages available but can also arrange a custom retreat to suit the needs of your team. Contact us to find out more about our corporate packages.

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