[ g.spa - The 24 Hours Oasis of the East ]

[ g.spa – The 24 Hours Oasis of the East ]

[ g.spa – The 24 Hours Oasis of the East ]

Right in the quiet side of geylang is a 24 hours round the clock oasis of relaxation and serenity.

g.spa is one of the largest spa in Singapore providing spa treatments, body massage, foot reflexology and beauty services for the ever busy Singaporeans.

The prominent huge display of the logo is hard to miss if you are travelling along Guillemard road.

Located at the 2nd level of the old Singapore badminton training hall(which is officially a historical site by National heritage board) , you will be surprised by the interiors as you step out from the elevator.

g.spa spare no expenses to create a place of pure relaxation. Set in a tropical rainforest interior design with mind soothing music, you will instantly feel relax as you walk towards the changing room.

For the gentlemen, soak yourselves in the huge hot pool where you can relax every inch of your muscles after a long day. Don’t worry about crowd, the hot pool is much spacious than the MRT trains. If you belong to the more adventurous type, there is a near-to-zero degree cold pool where you can attempt to show your “machoness” to your friends or simply just dip in to improve your circulation.

After the hydro therapy, you can proceed to the Sauna to intensify your sweat glands out or steam room for detoxification. Remember to drink lots of water to hydrate yourself!

Sauna and Steam Room Facilities

For the ladies, head on down to the Jacuzzi where you can spend quality time with your bffs.
Lay back and rekindle the good times. Don’t worry about what to wear as there is ample spa wear and towels provided. There is also disposable tube bra and underwear available so just relax!
That’s why you are here in the first place!

Pool Spa Treatment Facilities

What is a relaxation joint without massage?

From deep tissue massage to relieve blockage in your tired body to foot reflexology to revitalize your acupuncture points, g.spa provides a wide variety of massages for all your needs. If you are an avid golfer, there’s even a specially designed massage just for you after a day out on the golf course.

For those of you who are looking for more intensive treatments, there are the Chinese Meridian Treatments where the use of Cupping and Guasha aim to relieve your aches and pains.

If you are looking for more add on services, there are various treatments like body scrub, scalp & neck, back & shoulder etc.

While the massage is usually done in open areas separated by a curtain by gender, couples can also book the couple room for more privacy. What’s more, they can also have the option to have their own private Jacuzzi inside the room.

Ladies who are seeking for more activities apart from massage, there are facial, manicure and other beauty services available. Go for a foot spa to pamper your tired feet or have our beautician clear up the blockages on your skin.

When you have fully unwind yourself, it’s time to feast!

The food menu has a wide variety of local to international cuisines. Choose from chicken rice to nasi lemak, laksa to ramen or even bak kut teh. The menu changes twice weekly so the chance of dj vu is pretty low. For most guests, the all-time favorite would definitely be the ‘Special of the day’ where the chef will sometimes come out with something creative.

What’s more, it’s ala-carte buffet style so you can simply just order everything on the menu!
(That is if you are not going to waste any food because you will be charged for any food wastage)

Be sure to check out their Soup and hot dessert of the day near the center of the cafe and order their freshly squeezed watermelon juice to hydrate your body.

dining area | gspabuffet dining experience spa singapore - gspa

If you are not in a rush after all the treatment and feast, laze around at the relaxation lounge area where there are ample reclining cushion sofa bed available. Watch a movie on your own personal entertainment system or simply take a nap, it’s a popular destination for many guests after they have relax their bodies.

Spa Relaxation FacilitiesSpa Facilities | G.Spa
So whether you are looking for some peaceful time alone, a romantic time with your significant other or even a gathering with your buddies or bffs, g.spa promises to be a place for you to unwind and set yourself free from the fast paced life style of our society.

What’s more g.spa is open 24 hours every day so there’s no need to rush down.

So how much for all these?

Just talk to any of our Consultants when you are here, we will be happy to answer any queries.

g.spa Fitness and Recreation Hub is located at

102 Guillemard Road
#02-02 Singapore 399719
Opens Monday to Sunday, 24 hours


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