Pamper Your Loved One W/ A Facial Treatment (& More!) in Singapore!

How To Pamper Your Loved One – Singapore Edition!

How To Pamper Your Loved One – Singapore Edition!

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As the saying goes Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Do men and women really have different concepts of love and romance? That may be true. A research study revealed that men and women express love in distinctive ways but we are all capable of showing affection. At heart, we are all from Earth and we have the same key needs: to be noticed, to be loved, and to have a sense of purpose in a relationship.

There are many ways to show affection to your romantic partner. Let your sweetheart, including your family and friends, notice what good a catch you are. In today’s article, we are going to show you five easy ways on how to pamper your loved one:

Prepare a romantic homemade dinner

It’s been said that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Actually, the same is also true for women. You don’t always have to buy expensive things to touch a heart, because your effort alone can already spell a lot. Unless you’re a chef or an experienced cook, whipping up your significant other’s favorite meal is not an easy feat.

You can practice a few recipes beforehand and invite your friends to do some taste testing. Go all out! Buy a recipe book, watch a cooking video, or even ask an expert. Making that extra effort to satisfy their gastronomic fancies can make your special someone fall in love with you a thousand times over.

Flaunt your good looks for your darling

True love accepts you for everything you are. However, it’s great to remind your better-half how adorably appealing you are. Wash away the sweat and take off that oversized shirt. Give them reasons to keep their eyes on you by wearing an outfit that is flattering. This can help boost your confidence and charm, and wearing his or her favorite color can get you extra points.

Striving to look your best every day is an effort that is not only for your partner, but largely to your benefit as well. Research shows that loving relationships improve our health, our looks, and even our mood. Pair your outfit with a smile and charm your way to a more loving and exciting relationship.

Pay attention to your lovers needs

“We have so much going on, we simply don’t hang out with one another.” Are you familiar with this line, too?

Constant preoccupation, selfishness, and lack of intimacy are common denominators of conflict among couples. Sometimes we tend to put our own wants above all else. However, when you are in a committed relationship you should also keep in mind that a true expression of love is to keep the needs of the other person before your own.

Try to take note of the little things. Are her favorite running shoes looking worse for wear? Or does his wardrobe need a little sprucing up? How about a new necktie? Love means that you might have to sacrifice some things to make time and attend to the needs of the important person in your life.

Send customized gifts

As we all know, Singapore is the New York City of the Far East where shopping malls are seen in every corner of the city center. It is also where the world’s well-known brands are parading to showcase their top-of-the-line products. Surely you can always get something valuable for your sweetheart.

However, the cost of the gift does not matter all the time. Creating something personalized shows how one-of-a-kind your love is and how far you would go to make that known. It is also a way for you to show them how much you thought about their hobbies, likes, and personal style before choosing the perfect gift.

If you’re at your wits end, here are 30 personalized gift suggestions that you might want to try or improvise. Imagine your lover’s reaction when he or she opens the box and found a keepsake that was made just for him or her. Priceless!

Spa Facial Treatment

Whats a good way to flaunt your good looks to your mate? First, we have to freshen up that stressed face of yours. Our skin changes over time depending on age, hormones or even weather. Let’s face it, you can’t always rely on your home beauty regimen. You need advice from skin experts to address those changes, identify your skin condition, and educate you on how to treat them well. Hence, a professional facial treatment is a necessity.

If you ask us, a good way to treat a loved one is to make them feel their best, and a trip to the spa is a sure winner. is the haven for individuals and couples looking to spend a relaxing time to enjoy some quality pampering and revitalizing spa treatments in Singapore.

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Apart from our soothing full body spa therapies, we have a variety of facial treatments fit for every skin type and skin tone. Active Pureness, Skin Regimen Longevity, Sacred Nature and Recover Touch are our clients favorite facial treatments! Get to know more of their benefits here.

You and your beloved can also enjoy our couples spa treatment and a dinner-for-two at our buffet-style dining.

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Have you pampered your sweetheart lately? Come and give your special someone the pampering he or she deserves. Contact us to set an appointment or head directly to today! Our beauty services are open until 9pm.