Top 5 Ideas For A Couple's Date Night in Singapore

Keep that spark alive! Top 5 Ideas For A Couple’s Date Night in Singapore

Keep that spark alive! Top 5 Ideas For A Couple’s Date Night in Singapore

Top 5 Ideas For A Couple's Date Night in Singapore

You mean so much to me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could put those words into action?

These days, everyone is busy. We get caught up between work, family and social commitments. There’s hardly enough time to squeeze in 30 minutes to be alone with your significant other.

When was the last time you and your partner had a date night, just the two of you? Or at least, put aside everything and spent some quality time together at home?

Greeting cards and personal love notes are nice. But, it is even nicer when it comes with something more tangible. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash, what matters most is that you care enough to show how much your loved one means to you.

Whether it is your first date, an anniversary, or even just a regular date night, it’s best to plan ahead. So here, we listed the top 5 most romantic couples date night in the Far East:

5. A walk to remember

Singapore is a city that never sleeps. The streetlights are on, the night has just started. Take a short tour and be mesmerised by the dashing cityscape. Enjoy a relaxing walk down memory lane.

Visit the places where you had your first date, your first kiss, or somewhere unforgettable for the two of you. Look back on those memorable moments and fall in love over and over again.

You can also check out these romantic destinations.

4. Take him to his favorite sports game

His favorite team is visiting town. There’s a game coming in the next few days. Or, he has never seen a live game ever! Why not book two tickets and join him? Complete it with a team t-shirt and cap. You may not be a fan of sports but spending some quality time with your loved one is what really counts. Be your partner’s best buddy.

Or, how about a friendly game of his favorite sports on his gaming console? Show him that you are eager to learn his interests and his kind of enjoyable activities.

Have fun playing and bonding!

3. Bring him or her to a surprise picnic or a BBQ-for-two

Are both of you available tonight? Is the moon shining bright? Well, then, it’s a perfect time for an outdoor picnic under the night sky. How about a backyard grill party? Flame up the griller and throw a backyard BBQ, exclusive for the two of you.

Want to make it more intimate and economical? Heat up the oven and cook your favorite dishes. Set the dinner table, light up some candles, turn on that love song, and sip his favorite wine.

Get ready for a toast to the love of your life!

2. The King and Queen for a night

Yes, you look wonderful tonight. When was the last time you heard these words from your partner-in-life?

It’s time to pull out that smoking red hot dress to match his sleek black tux.

Dress up and head to one of Singapore’s most romantic restaurants. See some best options here. For a sure seat, book the place ahead of time. A cute gift or a bouquet of flowers can certainly level up your romantic gestures, too.

Then, end the night with a romantic dance under the moonlight.

1. Couples Spa Day

This one’s the best! Cut me some slack, honey. Let’s have the time of our life in the spa!

It must have been a hard long day at work for the two of you. Your one-of-a-kind sweetheart deserves to loosen up those tired muscles, stretch those arms and legs, treat those dark circles and under-eye bags, and revitalise that exhausted body.

Give yourselves a worth-every-penny break. Spend a relaxing time together, some quality pampering, and revitalising spa treatments at, the best couple spa Singapore has to offer.

Are you married with children? Snap out of parenting duties for just one night. With our couples spa package, you two can get a special date at the spa., your best choice

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The facilities at our Late Night Spa include a Sauna Room and Cold Pool for men, a Steam Room and Hot Pool for both men and ladies, and a Relaxation Lounge. We also have Treatment Rooms and fully functional VIP Rooms for families or couples with children.

Our Couple Rooms are perfect for your date night.

Couple's Spa Treatment Rooms in

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