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Treatment: Signature Treatments

Methode Physiodermie methode uses both morphology and morpholymphatic drainage to provide full revitalization, regeneration of epidermis for a firm, younger and healthier looking skin.

Prices shown include GST.

Prices shown include GST.

The anti-imperfection and matifying power of Methode Physiodermie’s micro-encapsulated essential oils.

All the Benefits of Methode Physiomermie moisture collection for a luminous complexion and a radiant skin.

The active ingredients are combined with modulating massage techniques that redefines the facial features and the oval of the face.

An intense deep tissue therapeutic body treatment which concentrates on pressure points to banish know more blockages in the bodys energy flow and flush out toxins from the lymphatic system. You’ll walk out rejuvenated and ready for lifes next challenge.

An aromatic massage with medium pressure palm strokes for ultimate relaxation. Guest also have a choice of aromatic massage balm. Lemon Tea Tree / Eucalyptus

Customized for avid golfers, this package starts with a specially designed hour-long massage on injury-prone areas by using rapid rubbing motions to relieve deep muscle aches. know more This is specially designed to target easily injured areas including shoulder blades, wrists, hands and legs. The therapist uses kneading strokes on key meridian points to loosen… Read more »

A synchronized hour-long massage by two therapists, this intricate treatment is like a choreographed dance as both therapists know more use palm pressure and long broad strokes on both upper and lower body to soothe all spa-goers.