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Charmaine Chua 23/03/2022

90mins massage by Masseuse May was impeccable. Every knead was on point, soothing & powerful at the same time, truly satisfying. Beautifully rounded experience at Gspa

J. Springall 21/05/2020

Very relaxing! Can stay 24hrs. Got first-timers special too

Gordantan84 21/05/2020

Love the place. Really a place to run away to relax and clear your mind. My favorite haunt middle of the night when I can't sleep. The massage is really good.

Jojo N. 21/05/2020

Great place to relax at a very affordable rate even for non members. the facilities are very good and well maintained.

Wendy 24/04/2020

The spa ambience is warm and cozy and the staffs are courteous and friendly. I like the background relaxing musics, you can hear them even when u r inside the sauna or steam room. Compared to a lot of 5 star hotel spas, the steam room is definitely one of the better one. Well maintained and I like the part where it is divided into 3 sections of heat where you can enjoy the level of heat which u r most comfortable with. There are two jacuzzi pool, one indoor and one outdoor. Overall, great experience.

Juan Sim 24/04/2020

Gspa is heavenly! They got the tastiest food and best spa services in Singapore. Masseurs are superb, you can practically spend your whole day there. It feels like being on a short trip. Will definitely go back again, it feels really good.

Chia Kun Xiang 22/04/2020

As always, one of the return spot for 24hrs spa and facility for individual or group rest, relax and chiong. Group meeting possible. Corporate package advisable. Hope there are better packages to encourage membership signup. Alternative parking at HDB or office space nearby

Lyndon Chew 21/04/2020

Wonderful spa facilities. Relaxing entertainment area. Offers sumptuous food through the day

Mark Tan 21/04/2020

Good place! Even for a non-spa guy like me.

Muso Lee 21/04/2020

It is the ONLY one 24 Spa and secluded place in Singapore now. They offer great massage service and a wide range of food selection in the dining area. If anyone can find a better place than this in Singapore, I want to know.

Lim WJ 21/04/2020

Love this place. Awesome message and an escape

Thew Guat Hoon 29/07/2019

Great place to relax, they got 1st time promotion by buy the admission ticket at Q10 and Shopee.